Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Our City

Map of Rosario
Flag Memorial
This is Rosario - Victoria Bridge

This is Oroño Boulevard

Our city is located in the center of the country. It’s the largest city in the province of Santa Fé and it’s 400 km from Buenos Aires, the national capital. The weather here is humid, mostly during the morning. The center of the country has a temperate climate although Argentina is one of the few countries that have the whole climate range.
Rosario is now one of the most important cities in Argentina. The history of the city, however, is very unusual. It didn’t have a founder, not even a date of foundation, but suddenly little conglomerates spread like spring seeds on the grass. We can say “suddenly”, but this was not a magical process. In fact, nowadays after some historical investigations, we are sure these conglomerates grew due to the sales of parcels for agricultural purposes. It is also known that the parcels used to have a sole owner: Mr. Luis Romero De Pineda. When De Pineda died his daughters inherited the parcels and more neighbors come to the town. By the XVIII century there were 248 residents.
Since farming was not the only activity that Rosario had, the city of Buenos Aires decided to create a port, exploiting the closeness of the city with the Paraná River. In this way, all the people who didn't work on the farms or didn't have a parcel, started to work at the port. Gradually, the city developed around the port areas. There were also conglomerates in the center of the town, especially around a big chapel called “Nuestra Señora del Rosario”, where the name of the city comes from.
Today, Rosario is one of the most influential cities at the cultural, touristic, social, educational and economic levels of the entire country. It’s an ideal city for those who like the riverside, outdoor activities, green places, cultural sites and charismatic people.


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