Thursday, May 22, 2008

Project Guidelines

Dear all,

Our Skype Conversation Exchange will be based on the principles of Tandem Learning, which allows foreign language students with different L1s (mother tongues) to engage in authentic communication and meaningful interaction in order to learn each other’s language and to gain a deeper understanding of each other’s culture


“Learners should be prepared and able to do as much for their partner as they themselves expect from their partner.” (International Tandem Network)

- Both learners should show the same level of commitment to the project, respecting schedules and their partner’s needs.
- Learners should devote the same amount of time to each language.
- Both learners should benefit equally from the exchange.

Autonomy: Students are responsible for their own learning
- They set their own learning objectives.
- They decide on the topic and the frequency of the conversations.

Before starting the exchange, make sure you check out the following resources:

Initial steps in e-tandem
Learning Tips - How can I learn from my partner?

We wish you all a wonderful bilingual learning experience!

Carla and Gabriela

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